Sharing songs between Google Play and iTunes

Call me old-fashioned but when I spend money on music I want to own the music myself. So I have not subscribed to Apple Music, Google Play or Spotify. I still purchase songs and albums as I want them. If that’s you, here’s how to share your purchased songs across iTunes and Google Play Music.

Getting OS X ready for Google Play

Firstly you’ll need to install ‘Google Music Manager‘ and set it up to download purchased songs to your Music folder. This will allow you to easily download your songs from Google Play to your computer. I have instructions about this in this article.

To Copy iTunes songs into Google Play Music

  • You don’t need to do a thing! All your iTunes song purchases and imports will automatically be available in Google Play. Buy a song in iTunes and you will see it in Google Play. Import a CD into iTunes and it will appear in Google Play.  If you make most of your purchases from iTunes so this works well.

To Copy a Google Play songs into iTunes

  • After you purchase a song from the Google Play Store, launch ‘Google Music Manager’ and click on ‘Download Free and Purchased.’  This will download your purchased Google play songs to your hard drive.
  • Now go to your ‘Music’  folder and drag the downloaded songs from there into iTunes to import them into your iTunes library.
  • If you  make most of your purchases from Google Play Store then you may want to automate this process. You could set up a folder action script or Hazel action to copy the files into the ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media folder. I have not bothered to do this because I make most of my purchases in iTunes.


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  1. Roger Vee

    I would recommend musconv, it really served it’s purpose for me in the transfer of google music to apple music.

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