How to watch different movie formats on your Mac (eg AVI or WMV) using VLC player.


There are so many movies coming round in junk emails these days that you may be happy you can’t play WMV or AVI files on your mac. But just in case you do need to actually look at one, here’s how.

There is a simple free movie player called VLC and the aim of the people who develop it is to let you play any kind of movie file!  It’s not quite as good looking as Quicktime Player (the built in Apple movie player), but it can play movies that Quicktime Player can’t play, like Windows WMV files or AVI files plus a lot more. VLC can also stream a movie to Apple TV, which is crippled in the Apple DVD player. (It just sends a grey screen to Apple TV.)

You can download the latest version of VLC from


Install it into your Applications folder, and then use it whenever you need to play a WMV movie.




6 responses to “How to watch different movie formats on your Mac (eg AVI or WMV) using VLC player.”

  1. This only half works. What that actually means is you will only get sound and no video.

  2. Anna Brooks

    Elmedia Player will also play almost all video files on Mac.

  3. Amanda

    My teacher has wmv files embedded in Moodle, the site my university uses, as mms:// links and I could not get VLC player to play these videos. Any suggestions?

    1. I’ve not tried this, but here’s a tutorial on playing mms:// files on a mac.

  4. This is clearly not working. Any tips?

    When I double-click on the WMV-files in VLC it’s shown to be zero (0) seconds long and do not start to play…

  5. jessendeen

    There is a easy way Avdshare Video Converter which is the most efficient WMV to DVD Player converter featuring converting WMV to any kind of DVD player.

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