Switching to OS X

Switching to OS X from a PC is a big change. Here are a some of my random thoughts on the transition.

Mentally it’s better to think, “This is new, let’s learn it from scratch” rather than thinking of “changing” from PC to Mac.

There will be lots of times where you will think “How can I do this?”, but you can’t.

Try to resist the disappointment of lack of features, and enjoy the simplicity and integration OS X offers. Try to appreciate less is more.

Forget about Microsoft Office – don’t even install it on your Mac to begin with. Instead, buy iWork and try out Pages and Keynote.

Don’t be tempted to stay with Office because you are used to it. Don’t go back to it after a day of trying out iWork. Use Pages until you are comfortable with it. Use it until you have mastered its text editing, graphics, styles, exporting, text wrap, lists, shadow, charts. Use it till you appreciate the difference between Page Layout and Word Processing. (Think about how much time you’ve spent getting used to Microsoft Word – give Pages a chance) THEN, after you understand Pages, make the decision whether to go back to Microsoft Office or stay in Pages.

Despite the similarities between OSX and XP/ME etc, they are quite different.

I even took while a while to get used to iWork from Word and I am a Mac user.

Avoid the temptation that computer people have to put things in your own directories. OS X likes you to leave things where it puts them.

Eg if you put all your photos in iphoto, they will be available to iwork, idvd, imovie etc. If you decide to put your photos in your own spot, they won’t. OS X very integrated, but it likes you to put photos in iPhoto, music iTunes folder, addresses in address book, calendar in ical, movies into iMovie and so on. It’s best to just jump in boots and all and do it the OS X way.

Don’t be tempted to use Microsoft Office for email for 6 months because it’s easier – you lose the simplicity of the OS X integration if you do this.

Certainly don’t do things like partition a part of hard drive for all your data. The Mac way is to have everything on the boot drive – the way it comes from the shop. If you must, use an external drive for movie files.

Basically don’t fight against OSX, run with it.

Enjoy what it can do, try not to be frustrated by what it can’t do.

If there is a feature you want, email Apple about it and let them know.

Here are some more tips from Apple.


4 responses to “Switching to OS X”

  1. Thanks for the hints, esp. the ones in the last lines! It is tempting to handle Mac OS X the same way as WinXP if you don’t know better…
    Just made “the switch” this week or better: added an Apple to my collection of computers. ;-)

  2. Magoo

    This is the most confused article I’ve ever read

  3. Judi

    What’s the easiest way to backup the Mac desktop
    OS X if you don’t have MyBook Live or Time Machine?

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