How to upgrade your iTunes songs


Apple had just released itunes plus which has two main benefits, both are great.

1. All the songs are now going to be DRM free, so you can play them with different software and players.

2. The bitrate has now doubled so that the music is better quality. (I suggested the itunes bitrate was too low here, and how to get round it, but now apple have ‘fixed’ it for downloaded songs.) 

There is a great feature on the itunes store home page that will automatically (for a fee) upgrade all your songs!

To find  it you go to ‘quick links’ on the right, and click on ‘Upgrade my Library’.

Itunes upgrade songs

It will give you the option of deleting your old library or moving it to the desktop.  I suggest you keep it, because if you ever need the lower quality 128 kbps songs (eg to listen to on your ipod), the original downloaded ones will be better quality than if you re-compress the new 256kbps down to 128.

Thankfully I have only purchased 20 songs from itunes, so the fee was just $10.


2 responses to “How to upgrade your iTunes songs”

  1. Brian F Harris

    I am new to this great site..Still trying to find how to register.. Tkanks for the great tips on iTunes up-grades. No I just need some tips on the best,easy to use software to rip my 12″ LP’s onto iTunes with another save on a different HDD..Regards RockyOne Australia.

  2. Dan

    BE CAREFUL!!! I recently did this “upgrade” and a huge number of albums and songs were NOT part of the > $40 purchase. When I asked about it, I was told that since I originally purchased the songs..they had been removed by the artist then re-posted to iTunes. So to get the upgrade of THESE, I have to upgrade them INDIVIDUALLY WITH ADDITIONAL FEES!!! This was a TOTAL misrepresentation. So, unless you want to check EACH AND EVERY SONG to see if it was EVER REMOVED from iTunes, you really aren’t sure if this “library upgrade” will actually upgrade everything…and exactly how would you ever know? My first VERY negative experience with iTunes. My goodness…..

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