How to use Apple Pay


Apple Pay allows you to pay from a credit card by swiping your phone instead of the card.  There are 2 steps. 1. Set it up on your phone. 2. Swipe your phone to pay.

  1. Setting up your phone for Apple Pay.

It’s not obvious how to set up your iPhone for Apple Pay to start with. There is no Apple Pay app.  The key is to go to your ‘sSttings’ app and click on ‘Wallet & Apple Pay’

Then there is an option to ‘Add Card.’ Click on this and a window will appear encouraging you to scan your credit card. The iPhone will read the digits off the card and add it to your phone.

Scanning a credit card to use in Apple Pay


2. Using Apple Pay

Now that the card is added to you iPhone, all you need to do is hold the iPhone over the Apple Pay logo at the shop in the same way that you would hold a credit card over the paywave logo. You need to have your finger on the fingerprint sensor of the phone at the same time so that it knows it’s you. In this way it is more secure than a credit card.


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