Apple Watch – what do you think?



After much speculation the Apple Watch was released today and…  it’s a watch!

In Australia not many people are wearing watches. I think this will be a game changer.

I was expecting an iPhone in a watch shape. But they’ve given us a watch. A very good watch.

Not a cheap plastic watch like all the mock-ups and rumours. But a leather, stainless steel, gold and sapphire watch.

No GPS but it interfaces with the iPhone and they work together as a team. The phone has cellular communication and GPS. The watch has paypass, a heart rate monitor, a pressure sensitive display, and the Taptic Engine that you can feel.  You can tap someone else on the wrist through your watch. Nice. Walkie talkie mode. Cool. And the simple dial they’ve called ‘Digital Crown.





4 responses to “Apple Watch – what do you think?”

  1. Marie Lunt


  2. DaCatMan

    I’ll wait and see. What is promoted thus far is not that enticing.

  3. Henri

    I am a watch buff. This isn’t a watch!

  4. Mike McCurry

    I really like my Apple Watch. I like that I can read the time at a glance even in the dark. I like that I don’t have to have my glasses on to see the time when I have the watch hands showing. I don’t normally use a laptop but when I do I notice that I don’t have to take my watch off so that it does not scratch the bottom of the buckle or the laptop surface. I often wonder if this is the reason that the younger crowd stop wearing watches in the first place. I have the Milanese Loop band and it is very thin. I like that I will not have to reset the day number at the end of the month. You know advance it to day 1 at the end of several of the months of the year. I like that it can show the sundown times as I fly a remote control airplane and I need to know when it gets dark to plan my flying times. And I will be able to use the timer to time my battery flying times. It is just one of those devices that you use more than you though you would. It is very convent to view things that you would normally have to get your phone out for. It is NOT just a watch. I Love it and it’s cool.

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