The ultimate drone camera (with iPhone app).

When you play the above video be sure to click on “Settings” and select the 1080p HD version – it’s awesome!

This film was taken by a friend of mine Geoff Mallinson on a Phantom 2 Vision +. Geoff never does anything in halves.

I’m currently flying a DJI Phantom2 Vision +. Footage on from the camera and gimbal is a solid and the quadcopter has a good base set of features. Cheaper aircraft without the gimbal aren’t a good place to start and will result in shaky and unusable footage.

The drone has it’s own remote control, with a holder for your iPhone, and an iPhone app that doesn’t let you fly the drone but it has lots of settings and you can control the camera.

The Remote has an iPhone holder but the drone control is done via 2 joysticks.
The Remote has an iPhone holder but the drone control is done via 2 joysticks.

They sell for around $1000.

Check out more videos at Geoff’s blog: Quadcopter Aerial.

Apple Insider have a fairly thorough review here.




3 responses to “The ultimate drone camera (with iPhone app).”

  1. The DJI Phantom 2 Vision is a great quadcopter to get started with. It’s one of the easiest quadcopters to start aerial photography with. There’s a no-hassle setup and it’s ready to fly right out the box. But before jumping in with a 1000 quad, it’s a good idea to start with the Blade QX Nano as a learner quad. It’s easier to handle, can fly indoor and outdoors and you won’t be upset if it crashes into a wall!

  2. The footage is awesome, to say the least :-) I wonder how much better this could have been with the newer GoPro Hero4 Black’s 4K video.

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