Jul 14


So I have one of these to give away for free, it’s brand new. If you want it leave a comment as to why you think need it I’ll pick someone at the end of the week. You can read what it does here.

AND THE WINNER IS… DEANNA! (http://www.deannaparisi.ca)

I liked that Deanna wanted the TILE to give away to someone else.  Thank-you to everyone who entered.


8 Responses to “One Tile to give away”

  1. Ansgar says:

    I often don’t know where my wallet/keys is and have to spend a long time looking for it. It would be extremely convenient to have a tile help to keep track of those things, but I currently can’t effort those smart little devils. So I’d love to give this tile a new home and a great use!

  2. Doug Green says:

    Lost keys = lost time! Tile seems like it could help me! Thanks for the chance

  3. Todd Gaito says:

    I need a tile because I loose my keys on a daily basis which leads to sessions of panting, pacing, and frantic memory recall which never pans out. None of this is good, especially when you’re trying to usher a kid to school who is following the same process but instead of keys it’s their sacred blanket they misplaced. I guess I also need one because I raved about how awesome they are before even having one.

  4. Sandee Cohen says:

    I’m 67 years old. I am starting to lose my memory.

    I am constantly walking around and around my apartment trying to find where I left my bag with wallet, credit cards, etc.

    I bag is bright pink so you would think it would stand out, but I can’t remember where I put it.

    And given my age, I can only imagine this is going to get worse.

    I already have a tile on the TV remote and another on the remote for the air conditioner.

    You can see need help.

  5. Deanna says:

    I would love to give one to my Son’s girlfriend who is constantly misplacing her things. A couple of weeks ago, she ended up losing her small purse complete with medications, money, credit cards and other valuable things.

    She would love it!!!

  6. Jared says:

    Because I legitimately lose my keys at least once a week. My constant “I’m late” sprints to the train would become nothing more than almost pleasant jogs on those unfortunate mornings. My heart and legs would be enormously grateful.

  7. Fahad Murtaza says:

    I am 10 minutes late to work everyday :( and this will help.

  8. Sandi J says:

    I’d like to attach it to my husband! He is spatially challenged in regards to maps and direction! But failing that, I’d attach it to his keys or his iPad. They have a tendency to ‘hide’ (just how he can misplace his iPad I have no idea but he does)! :-)

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