Improving OS X Email – How many emails do I have in my gmail account?

count all mail

I’ve had gmail account for over 5 years and as the number of emails stored at google mail has increased Apple mail has slowed down.  Recently it got to the point where Apple mail almost came to a grinding halt.  When I checked my mail sometimes it would take up to 5 minutes to finish checking the mail.  Well I have just deleted 70,000 emails from my ‘All Mail’ folder and now Apple mail is back to the lightning speed I was used to – it takes about 5 seconds to check my emails.

Here’s how to check how many email messages you have in your gmail account.

How many emails do I have in gmail?

To check this login to the Gmail web account in your web browser and go to the Mail folders on the left of the window.

select all mail

1. Select ‘All Mail’ (It will turn red like the above picture.) You won’t see a count yet.

2. Now select that little box just in the top right of the window above, it has a square with a little down arrow next to it.

count all mail

When ‘All Mail’ is selected and the box is selected  at the top of your page above all the emails you should get a message telling you how many emails are selected. Here I have 15,742. That is the total number of emails in my gmail account.

I’m not sure how many you can have before things slow down but I had 89,551 emails in my ‘All Mail folder and things were terribly slow. I’m now down to 15,742 (I have kept the last 2 years worth of emails only) and things are flying along.

Here’s a post on how to delete emails from your gmail account.


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