How to backup a DVD


If you’ve tried watching DVD’s on your laptop (eg on a plane or in the car) you’ll notice the batteries wear down pretty quickly. Here’s how to copy your DVD onto your laptop, which you can do at home, so when you take your laptop on the road you don’t need to take the original disk, and so the batteries on your laptop will last longer.

Before you copy a DVD you should make sure that it’s legal to do it in the country that you live in.  For example in Australia you are not allowed to copy a DVD to watch from your laptop except in some rare circumstances like Libraries and disabled people. In Vanuatu you are! Here are the rules for Australia: DVD copying rules.

Here’s how to do it…

  1. Download and run “DVD Backup”. (The developers site has been down for a while, here is here. 1.3.sit
  2. Insert the DVD. If the Apple DVD player runs automatically, quit it.
  3. In DVDBackup click on ‘Add DVD Files’
  4. Select the DVD in the left column and then click ‘OPEN.’
  5. Make sure that Remove CSS Encryption is selected.
  6. Click Process Files and select a name and location for where you want the DVD files to end up.

To Playback the DVD you need to do the following:

  1. Open Apple DVD PLayer.
  2. Go to Menu called FILE:OPEN VIDEO_TS or on newer versions FILE:OPEN DVD MEDIA
  3. Select the VIDEO_TS folder of the movie you want to open.
This may not work for some DVDs. If this fails due to copy protection you can use MAC THE RIPPER to do the backup.


5 responses to “How to backup a DVD”

  1. Kevin

    Hi Wayne – got a 404 on that download site. Thanks

    1. Thanks Kevin, fixed now!

  2. Jonny

    The link doesn’t work in Lion

  3. David Sangwell

    Looks like this was using Legacy support in Snow leopard as Lion won’t run it now Rosetta is gone. Any news on an Intel version? This would be ideal for running a home media server too so you can access your dvd collection from your sofa if you run a network drive.

    1. Mac the Ripper works in Lion. It’s really hard to find though. I’ve uploaded the free version here:
      This is an old version from when it was free, (3.0R14d) but it still works in Lion.
      There is a link from the program where you can download a newer version but it’s a paid version.

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