Dragon Professional for Mac – what bugs do we need fixed?

Dragon 6

The upgraded version of Dragon Dictate (Dragon Professional) version 6 is due to be released any time soon. There are still many bugs in version 5 that the various upgrades have not fixed ye yet. Indeed many of them are a hang-over from version 4. What are the main bugs we need to test the new version for? Here is my list. Feel free to add any more. I will test it as soon as my pre-order is available!

  • randomly inserting double spaces
  • removing the last letter of previous words
  • does not capitalise the first word of a new sentence all the time
  • randomly crashes during use
  • causes Microsoft Word to crash
  • very slow to load
  • lack of integration into Pages
  • an audio ‘click’ or ‘pop’ when you turn the microphone on and off.





5 responses to “Dragon Professional for Mac – what bugs do we need fixed?”

  1. Kevin

    Yup, you have nailed it. Well done.

    1. Kevin

      If you have ever inserted a text box in word and then tried using Dragon after that point, you will know the true meaning of the word futile. Dragon’s tech staff advised me it was because “of the way word handles text boxes” excuse me?!
      Basically, the text inserts at a point distant from the cursor position, overwrites existing work, and basically turns your document into a semantic Rubik’s cube. Nothing an extra 20 minutes editing could not fix of course, now remind me again, why did I purchase this in the first place? Ahh, PRODUCTIVITY.

  2. Wayne

    Well, we asked for Integration with Apple Pages, we got it. Dragon version 6 crashes Apple Pages every few minutes!

  3. cbherbert

    Dictate “scratch that” and ” delete that” command do not work with Pages-Momentarily selects the text to be deleted but then does not delete text–It does works with Text Edit–

  4. Joe

    Has anyone managed to successfully use Dragon 6 on Mac? I was supplied this software in May 2018 to help with ADHD. There were so many glitches during training I felt too frustrated to continue training. Everyone tells me how much it benefits so I am considering partitioning my Mac hard drive to run Windows. Others have suggested using Parallels as a better alternative to partitioning. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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