Dragon for Mac version 6

Dragon 6

It looks like Nuance are about to release a new version of Dragon for Mac. It’s called ‘Dragon Professional Individual for Mac.’ Let’s hope the ‘Professional’ in the name means a product that has finished beta testing.  Dragon for Mac version 5 looked promising but turned out to be a disaster. (You can read about it here.)  I suggested here that you not buy version 5 but instead wait for the release of version 6. Well here it is. I’ve pre-ordered a version of Dragon for Mac 6 and I’ll write a review as soon as it arrives.  It’s criminal that Nuance never fixed the bugs in version 5 yet they are charging $300 for version 6. If you live in Australia it’s $475.  (No that was not a typo – $475 for a product that, based on Nuance’s history, probably won’t work.)

Nuance are claiming among other things 15% improved accuracy,  better learning, compatibility with Apple pages,  and a better user interface.  Of course all these improvements are a complete waste of time if the application still keeps on crashing. What we want more than any extra features is a stable version of Dragon that actually works. We won’t know that until it’s actually released. There is no mention of improved stability in their marketing release.

If you want to take a chance you can pre-order Dragon for Mac 6 for $300 at the Nuance store. (official affiliate link).  As usual, Nuance offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with the product.

Macroumers are claiming there is an upgrade price of $150 but I can’t find an upgrade link anywhere. You might like to wait until an upgrade price is made available.

If you are an Australian or NZ customer I found this pre-order special price for $95.





4 responses to “Dragon for Mac version 6”

  1. Wayne, I’ll be eager to read your assessment. $300 bucks is crazy if it has the same problems as its predecessor.

  2. Regarding upgrade information, Australian customers have been sent a $99 upgrade offer for Dragon Mac software. That pricing is available until the end of September 2016 from Nuance and from reseller partners. Contact Australian customer service (see http://australia.nuance.com/support) and we will send you the offer or check out partner offers on the web.

    Derek Austin
    Nuance Communications Asia Pacific

    1. Thanks Derek. Version 6 was quite buggy. Will there be an upgrade with fixes any time soon?

  3. Mike

    And still waiting for the version 6 to be available in other languages…

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