The first three weeks of Yosemite has been painful because Dragon Dictate has not been working properly.   It would not read  my old profiles and would not let me train a new one without crashing. I rely fairly heavily on Dragon Dictate to do most of my  writing/typing  so this was a bit of a dud. I was going to write a post on a workaround for this problem, but Nuance released an update today – version 4.0.6 –  which fixes the problems. Training is working again and Dragon Dictate has stopped crashing.

Nuance should have had this all worked out before Yosemite was released, but at least we are back in business now.

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  1. Even with the 4.0.6 update when I dictate into Word 2011 for mac, Word crashes. It does not crash when typing w/o DD4.0.6.

    Any thoughts?

    1. apple stated it could be fixed by reinstalling MS Word. They wanted to charge $149. My crashes also, it did not do this until Yosemite.

  2. I have been using DD for a very long time on a PC and I am new to Mac. I have terrible problems using DD in Yosemite 10.10.3 on an iMac 5k. When I ask it to select text it does not select the correct text. It changes the wrong text after correcting any misrecognised text and it jumps about the page for no apparent reason. It does not recognise the Dragon usb microphone and often will not open my two profiles and I have to add a new one and go through the setup dictation again. It is better with the note pad than with iPages. I do not have word for Mac. Any suggestions? I typed this – it is quicker!

    1. “When I ask it to select text it does not select the correct text.”
      I find that problem too, so I don’t use the select ‘blah’ command as I don’t find it that reliable. Yes it does seems better in the Dragon notepad app.

      Strange with not recognising the microphone or the profiles. I’ve never had that problem. TI won’t open a profile without the correct mic plugged in for ht at profile, so they might be related. Is the mic direct into the iMac (no hub)?

  3. Basically the same problem as Robert as to recognition of the microphone, mine a plantronics usb bluetooth sold to me by Nuance. It seems to recognize it and says it is hooked up, but when you start to try to actually dictate it says it is not hooked up. I have tried about everything that I can think of. I have used Dragon with Windows since it first came out – every update. Bought a Mac and got version 3. They updated to 4 before I really used Ver 3. Charged full price for Ver. 4. If somebody can tell me a software program that actually works, please do and I will dump Nuance after all these years.

  4. Bob, I am so with you.
    I have just bought the 4.0.6 (because they won’t upgrade my old 3. x) because I upgraded to OS 10.10.4. This has been a pretty terrible experience.
    I had to leave behind my huge lovingly-curated vocabulary list because there doesn’t seem to be any way to port it over from 3.x. (If anybody knows of one, PLEASE tell me.)
    This version also seems to be markedly more stupid about learning new vocabulary– whenever I give it a new word (that the old version used to know) it takes forever to “update the profile,” meaning I have to stop dead for a few minutes every time I find a new word that I have to teach it…and it doesn’t even learn very well. I can’t tell you how depressing this is.
    I have been trying all afternoon to dictate info from medical records into a Pages table, something I used to be able to do routinely. Now for no apparent reason, after several pages of routine entries, the cursor will stop, start jumping around, and erase my last several rows of entries. I can command-Z to get them back, but it’s extremely unnerving. I find if I hit the Stop, then restart, it’s better for a line or two, and then it goes back to doing it again.
    Is anybody from Nuance reading this? We are MAD. And I’m with Bob– if there’s something better out there, please tell me.

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