I’ve recently had some ask the question, ‘How do I know how much memory my Macintosh has?’ It’s very easy to find out how much memory your mac has – just go to the apple menu (top left of your screen) and select About this Mac.

You’ll then be given a screen that displays your processor speed and how much RAM is installed.


Here’s an article about how to know if you need to buy more memory.

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  1. Beginners like me often get confused over memory or storage. STORAGE capacity [hard drive] is much more difficult for mac newbies to access. I still do not know why I would need to know my processor speed, even if I need to upgrade my memory [RAM] to increase my imac’s working speed. Thank you for your site!

    1. In Classic Mac I used to be able to see how much ram was being used and by what. I could even allocate more ram to Photoshop.

      Can I see this in OSX?

  2. On a mac mini that’s a few years old (no access panel), is there any way to tell how many sticks of memory are in it? Clearly it has 2mb, and I believe it was ordered that way from Apple, but the question is, is that memory on two sticks or one? Would like to purchase before it goes under the knife — to minimize downtime… Thanks

  3. Click the apple top left corner. Then as shown click more info.
    You can see how much memory you have and how much you are able to add. You can also find how big the hd is and how much space you have left. Plus info about your monitor. Hope this helps.

  4. I too, would like to be able to find out how many actual physical RAM cards are (or were) in my iMac. I recently had someone work on it and I think he took one of the RAM cards out. I read an article that said there were two RAM cards. Each being 512 MB, but as I look at the card that I removed from my iMac I cannot tell if there are actually two cards or if the one card I have is 512 MB X 2 on one card. Can anybody tell me? It’s a A1200, model MA456LL.

    1. Yes. On Mavericks (and perhaps earlier) click Apple menu>About This MAC> More Info… and click Memory.

      On Yosemite and later just click Apple menu>About This Mac>Memory

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