What are the differences between “Google Drive” (Google File Stream) and “Dropbox”

Dropbox and Google File Stream have big differences. Google Drive is best for publishing lots of files to multiple users. Dropbox is great to reliably sync files across your own computers. If you are used to Dropbox, don’t think of Google File Stream as being like Dropbox. Here are some of the differences: Dropbox keeps a copy of the […]

What is the difference between Google file stream and Google backup and sync?

‘Google File Stream’ and ‘Google Backup and Sync’ are quite different even though they are both released by Google. Google describes the differences as one being for ‘Personal’ use and one for ‘Business’. That’s not a bad summary. They do different things and it’s important to understand the difference before you start using them. Google file […]

What are the differences between “Google Backup and Sync” and “Dropbox”

Google Backup and Sync is very similar to Dropbox but there are some small differences. Google backup and sync has some extra options. Desktop Folder Syncing Google Backup and Sync also has the option to make a backup of your ‘Desktop Folder’ and sync it. Dropbox cannot sync your desktop folder. Sharing files on the […]