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  • How to spot a fake website

    How to spot a fake website

    Spam emails can be so convincing. How to you know if the link to a website is real or fake? Here is a short video showing the main difference between a real and fake website is the URL. You cannot rely on the logo or how real the website looks.

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  • Warning: email scam aimed at website owners.

    Warning: email scam aimed at website owners.

    Confession time. I just got scammed. Yep. I know the dangers, I’ve spotted scams before, but this time I fell for it and for 5 minutes or so my account was vulnerable to attack. Thankfully I realised what was happening fast and was able to fix things quickly, but this scare has made me all…

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  • Beware of this Apple scam

    I just received this email yesterday.  I want to encourage people that Apple don’t send out emails like this – it is a scam. One way that you can tell this is to look at the link in the email and see that it does not actually go to apple.com.  It looks like it goes…

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  • Apple support Scam

    Apple support Scam

    In Australia there is a very clever scam going on at the moment. When your email stops working, you may get a call from someone claiming they are from ‘Apple Support.’ It may be a polite greeting like ‘Hello this is Mary from Apple Support and we’ve noticed you’ve had a problem with your Gmail…

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