Apple have lost more than their display.


Apple is all out of displays. If you purchase a Mac Mini or a Mac Pro you’ll need to buy a 3rd party monitor to go with it. They  no longer make any monitors. It might not sound like a big issue, but this is a failure on all 3 points of the original Apple marketing strategy of 1977. Let me explain why.


How to stop flickering on an Apple LED Cinema Display


The Apple  24 inch LED Cinema display  and the Apple thunderbolt display have been a  source of frustration for many people.   They flickers, go black, the screens gets garbage on them, the fans turn on and off.   After reading lots of forums and trying various things I have practically completely eliminated all the flickering on my  24 inch LED Cinema display,  here is how.

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How to use 2 monitors on your mac

All macs that have a built in display also have a ‘video out’ port. It will look like one of these: