Safari Surfer Ninja

When you see a Jacki Chan movie, his hands move so fast you can barely see them. With a couple of tricks, you can search the internet so fast you’ll be a Safari Surfer Ninja. Here’s a quick way to open a new tab and start a new google search for any word or phrase on a webpage.

Suppose you’re reading a webpage in safari and you come across a phrase or word that you want to find more information on. For example, you could be reading a webpage about pdf files and you want to find out what ‘pdf’ stands for. There’s a really fast way of doing a google search on it.


All you need to do is select (double click) the word so that it’s highlighted. Then, while holding down the command key, press the keys C, then T, then V in succession, then press return.

The command-C shortcut for ‘Copy’ tells the computer to store a copy of whatever was highlighted in it’s memory, in this case ‘pdf files’.

The next shortcut, command-T, makes a new tab in safari, which means you can have two webpages open at once, so you can do a google search without losing the webpage you were on.

Finally, command-V, the ‘Paste’ shortcut tells the computer to remember what was most recently copied and type it in for you. Press return to do the google search, and your nifty little shortcut is done.

Here’s what it looks like.

Command C – the selected text is copied


Command T – a new TAB opens


Command V – the text pastes into the search bar.


Remember, you can hold down the Command key the whole time while you press the 3 other keys. This makes it much faster and a very useful shortcut. So command key down, then, C,T,V, then release the Command key.






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