How to change the icon of an AppleScript in OS X.

In my previous posts I have lead you through how to make an AppleScript that can use to open a particular website URL in a particular browser. You can drag these Apple scripts to your dock to instantly access any URL from your dock. Obviously the next step is you will want to give these AppleScripts their own icon so that you can identify them from the dock easily. This is really easy to do in OS X.

To given AppleScript its own icon:

  1. Copy the image that you would like. In the Google calendar website this is as simple as right clicking on the calendar icon and selecting “Copy Image”.

2. Right click on your AppleScript and select ‘Get Info’.

3. Click on the old icon in the “get info” window. It will now have a blue shadow around it. Press Apple-V to paste the new icon. It will look something like this.

Now your AppleScript will have its own icon, here is what mine looks like in the dock – the Google calendar icon.

I have used this to put a link to the Google calendar webpage in my dock, but you can use it to create a link to any webpage.


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  1. Shahnawaz

    Wow, i was unaware about this thing that i can also this kind of thing in mac os x anyways thanks a lot for this sweet and simple way of creating own icon in dock… i tried this worked like a charm, anyways thanks once again keep it up. :)

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