Jan 11

Last week my daughter was given a Spider-Man DVD for her birthday from her younger sister. We went to play it from our laptop and watch it on the Apple TV but because of the Disney copy protection it would not work! So we went out to my study and tried to watch it on my 2018 Mac mini with an external DVD player, but the video kept crashing the computer. This has some heavy duty software protection on it!

In the end I had to buy some software to copy the DVD onto our computer before we could watch it. I was a bit nervous because some of the DVD ripping sites looked undesirable. But in the end I found a good site and the software worked well. Sadly we were unable to watch the video that night on my daughter’s birthday, but we were able to watch it the next night!

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Mar 20


Mac the Ripper is a little program that allows you to copy a DVD to your computer, and at the same time it removes the copy protection. (This is called ‘ripping’ a DVD). This allows you for example to then copy it to a Macbook Air (that has no DVD drive) to watch, or you can take the extra step of converting it to a Quicktime movie so you can put it on an iPad or even into a Keynote presentation. Continue reading ⟩

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