Make sure you are using strong passwords today published an article encouraging people to change their email passwords.  The article begins “The email addresses and passwords of 771 million people have been published online during a gigantic data leak”.  This is not exactly correct.   What has happened is that login information from various companies has been hacked into over the years, and it seems that some of that has been published in a massive document recently.  This includes people’s login details from companies like Adobe, Dropbox, Kickstarter and more.

So it is not your email password that has been leaked,  it is your login email address and password for those websites. Read on to find out if your email address was involved.

beginners OS X

Login to your mac automatically without having to type a password


By default OS X requires you to type in a password and login each time you restart your computer.  If your computer is in a secure location, for example your office, you may want to set up OS X to log in automatically for you.

Here is how to do this.