How to make a DVD on OS X without iDVD


I can’t remember how long it was since I last burned a DVD, Most movies are shared now via the internet, or on a thumbdrive, but I was recently doing a ┬ácourse and they required me to submit a recording of myself on DVD! ┬áHere is how to record a video on your iPhone and then burn it to a DVD.

DVD iPad movies

How to copy a DVD movie to your ipad.

Copy DVD

Here’s the process for how to copy a DVD to your iPad to watch on a plane or in the car.

DVD movies software

How to save a movie for playing on a PC

The safest way to save a movie from a Macintosh computer that you want to transfer to a PC is to save it as an AVI file. The problem is (as pointed out in the comments below!) is that the latest version of Quicktime cannot save AVI’s. To save an AVI file you’ll need to use Quicktime 7, AND you’ll need to upgrade it to quicktime pro which unfortunately is no longer available.