speech recognition

Apple’s built in Speech recognition – OS X Dictation


The built-in Mavericks OS X speech recognition is a good¬†piece of Voice recognition software to give you a taste of what speech recognition is like, but not as good as Dragon Dictate. This is mainly due to the complete lack of any correction capability. Here’s how it compares to Dragon Naturally Speaking, and how to enable the ‘Enhanced Dictation’ Mode which makes it a lot faster.

email mail

How to get Gmail to send mail in OSX 10.9 Mavericks


So it turns out there can be a glitch with Mavericks and Gmail. When I installed Mavericks on my Macbook Pro, ¬†all my messages piled up into my outbox, but weren’t sent. It turned out that Mail wasn’t picking up my password properly from the System Preferences. Here’s how I got it going.


Upgrading to Mavericks


A few important tips before you install Mavericks that could say you a lot of time and agony…