Oct 20

My brother is living in Vanuatu here, and he is after a very low power computer to run on solar panels in their library. So I’m running a competition to see who can find the lowest power computer. It can be a laptop, or desktop, or any variation,


  • Must have a full size keyboard at least 27cm wide.
  • Screen must be 12 inch or larger.
  • Must be able to run Ubuntu linux or OSX or Windows.
  • Must be able to be networked to a printer
  • Must have a USB slot for a USB thumbdrive.
  • Must run off 12V or 240V

One month. Entries close 20 Nov.

Winner recieves a free Vanuatu Shirt posted to them. (We may even do a shirt for the best computer and a shirt for the best monitor if they are found by 2 different people)

Contribute to the search by adding a comment below!

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