Oct 29

If you own a new Apple magic keyboard or extended keyboard you may not realise how to use those extra function keys on the top right of the keyboard. You can set them up to launch and control applications. For example I have my f-19 key set up to toggle my Dragon Dictate microphone and I have f-18 set up to launch my Google Calendar calendar in a specific browser.

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Sep 26

From Mojave onwards it’s no longer possible to get the 1 Password app to automatically entering your passwords into a webpage. Previously there was a keypress that would automatically fill a web form and enter your password and then press the submit button.

According to the one password forum this was disabled by Apple:

This is a limitation that’s being imposed by Apple in Mojave — though to be clear, it’s one we don’t disagree with. Auto-submit was always a sort of tacked-on feature. Auto-FILL should still work as it always has (in fact, it should be better than ever), but in order to accomplish auto-submit in previous versions, we had to use a small script that simulated the actual pressing of the Enter key. Apple – quite rightly, in my view – pointed out that this is the identical mechanism used by some malware to install itself — it can’t actually press return on your computer for you, so it simulates that action with a small script.

Strangely, even though 1Password is not allowed to press the ‘Return’ Key, Keyboard Maestro is still allowed to. A workaround I have found is to use a keyboard maestro script to execute 1Password and then press the Return key for you. I have written a script that calls up 1 Password and then simulates pressing the key for you. I have mapped this to a function key so now I can have a one press solution to bring back the old functionality of 1 Password prior to Mojave.

Here’s what the script looks like in Keyboard Maestro.

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Aug 21

This is a somewhat technical post about how to remap keys in OSX using Karabiner Elements.

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