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For my particular workflow and management I’ve settled on using Google calendar. My tip for super fast calendar access in OS X is to dedicate a browser to your Google calendar and use that browser for nothing else. You may choose Chrome or Safari or Firefox, I chose Microsoft edge and here’s why.

Google Calendar

I like Google calendar better than the OS X calendar app. It integrates easily with other people sharing calendars with me. It’s got a great tasks app. It syncs nicely with other apps like Zoom. But a calendar needs to be super quick to access from OS X. Google calendar does not have its own app which makes it a bit cumbersome to access. Opening a browser window and then having to log in makes the whole process too slow. You want to do is see what’s coming up in the day quickly with one click. Dedicating a browser to your Google calendar solves this problem. It means you can open to your Google calendar with one click.

Pick a browser

Pick a web browser that you don’t use much and dedicate it to your Google calendar. My favourite browser is Chrome so I don’t want to dedicate that to my calendar. There are some websites that I prefer to use Safari for especially because it syncs nicely with my other Mac laptops. Firefox has some nice developer features. So I have decided to dedicate Microsoft Edge to my Google calendar. If Microsoft Edge continues to improve it may become my favourite browser and I may have to do demote Safari to be my calendar browser but for the moment it’s Microsoft Edge!

Open your browser (in this case Microsoft Edge) Browse to your Google calendar and login using your Google calendar credentials.

Now go to the additional menu at the top right of your Microsoft Edge browser and find the “tools” menu and click on ‘Pin to Finder’

“Pin to Finder” creates an app of your Google calendar on your desktop

This will create an application on your desktop that will link directly to the calendar.

You can drag this app to your dock if you want to

If you want you can drag this icon to your dock so that you can access the calendar directly from the dock.

The beauty of this setup is that you can log into different Google accounts using your chrome browser or Safari and it will not upset the login to this calendar. Whenever you click on the calendar icon it will open to your Google calendar and stay logged in. It really behaves identically to if you had a real Google calendar app.

I tried various configurations of doing this in Firefox and Chrome but none of the solutions there are as simple as this one click solution of having a dedicated browser that always opens into your Google calendar.


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