How to create envelope labels from a file

Avery has just released a free program designed to be able to print on any of their labels, of course you can use them to print on anything, but they work well with the Avery stuff because you can just type in the number from the packet and it has all the sizes already. It’s a free download from here.  I just downloaded it (262 MB!)  and it looks pretty good.

Thanks to Paul Sheely for this pointer on how to export from an apple numbers file into the avery application:

1. Export your numbers file as a CSV file (make sure that you’ve made the first line in each column a heading)

2. Download the design pro app from Avery (

3. Follow the simple instructions…. you choose a label type… an avery number… a design type… you mail merge your CSV file… and you’re away.

Very simple once you’re set up. The Avery app allows you also to merge directly from Address Book or Mail and you can upload artwork or photos.


13 responses to “How to create envelope labels from a file”

  1. Rhonda

    THANK YOU!! I have called AppleCare and did not get this answer. Prior to that I searched Apple help, Googled, this and no answers. This worked and was quick to print my former excel file, now in Numbers on Avery labels without having to add everything into address book. Praise God! I’m so excited. Thank you, thank you!

  2. 4busmom

    Great solution!!! I had my labels done within 5 minutes of downloading the program! Super easy and just what I needed for keeping track of costumes for the drill team!!

  3. JT

    Works like a charm!!!!!! Simple to use.

  4. Mo

    How do I “save” to send it with someone who may not have the Avery Program?

  5. Mo

    Like how can I “export” it possible to share it with someone who does not have Avery Pro for Mac?

  6. Colin Batt

    I have a large spread sheet in pages and would like to be able to print address labels, how can I do this? can anybody help.

    1. Ken Davis has a “Make Labels Online” that supposedly replaced Design Pro. I was able to use, but not nearly as easy as design pro was. Anybody have a better way? Does Labels and Addresses app easily merge from Numbers?

  7. Kim Clemets

    Great instructions – imported data from a large numbers file into mailing labels using design pro! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  8. AF

    How do I get this to work with my gmail contacts? I’ve gone through all the steps to export them as a CSV file, and I get to the next to last step and click on “export” and NOTHING HAPPENS. No drop down window, no save, no nothing.

  9. Terrie

    I downloaded the Avery app. When I import I get the same addressee name on every envelope. I mush have my numbers spreadsheet formatted wrong. I have a blank column on the left and a blank line on the top as I understood the directions above from Paul Sheely. What are the fields that are to be drug into the form. Are they supposed to correspond to column letters? Can anyone explain what I might be doing wrong. Thanks so much.

  10. Debbie

    Absolutely fantastic. I maintain a mailing list for my local tennis club and usually dread printing the mailing labels, and as a new Mac / Apple user I was trying to escape the job. This guide was exactly what I wanted – and made the whole thing simpler than it has ever been!! Thank you.

  11. Alison Steadman

    I installed the MacFonts label making program and it has disappeared into the innards of my IMac. I was on the phone with Apple for almost an hour and they were unable to find it. Can I please get some help from the creators of this thing?

  12. Ted Truitt

    This saved me so much time and was so easy. Thank you, thank you!

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