How to add Devonthink documents to your Quicksilver catalogue

Quicksilver is one of my favourite apps for accessing documents quickly and doing all sorts of tasks. I use it almost every time I want to open a new app, open a document or find a folder.  I also use Devonthink to store all my files.  I am converting over to a paperless office. (Hopefully I will write an article about this someday!) If you are a Quicksilver and Devonthink user here’s how to add your Devonthink database to your Quicksilver catalogue so that all the PDF files in Devonthink can be accessible to Quicksilver.

Step one:  You need to find your Devon think database. To do this right-click on the database and select “Show In Finder”.

Step Two:  You should now see a folder containing your Devon think databases.  Right click on the database that you would like to access and select “Show Package Contents”.

‘Show package contents’ will allow you to see the individual files within your Devonthink database.

Step three: Within the database folder you should now be able to see a folder called “Files.noindex”.  This folder contains all the files in your Devon think database. You simply need to add this folder to your Quicksilver database (in Quicksilver go to Catalog: Custom: Add Folder).

This is the file that you need to add to your quicksilver catalogue.

Now all those PDF files that are in your Devon think database will be accessible to Quicksilver.  Note that it won’t be able to search the contents of the PDF files like Devon think does, but it will be able to search the filenames of the files.



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