Printing to a NON postscript Fuji Xerox printer

I have a Docucentre C4350 Fuji Xerox printer which does not have postscript installed. The normal drivers from Fuji assume you have Postscript installed. Here’s how to get the non-postscript printer going.

1. You need to install a special non-postscript driver.  I have searched everywhere and I can’t find where I downloaded it from. They were from a fuji Xerox site in Singapore, they are not available from the USA site that I can find.  Here is version 1.3 for you to download:  fxmacprnstd1112am105iml.dmg

Update– Fuji Xerox have released a newer version 1.5  You can download it from fuji here.

Update 2:  The version 1.5 drivers have been upgraded again and they are now here. You want the version that says “Driver Type: Non PS.”

2. Go to System Preferences, Printer and add a new printer (‘+’ button).
Choose ‘IP Printing’ and LPD and enter the IP address of the printer.

It will find your printer automatically and it will choose the right driver (Eg FX Docucentre-II C4300 v3016.103 PS’ above). This will NOT work with a non-Postscript printer!

You need to Choose ‘Select Software’ then choose the ‘FX Print Driver for Mac OS X v1.3’ that you just installed.


This works on OSX 10,7 10.8 and 10.9 (Mavericks).

You need this newer version for OS 10.10 and 10.11



9 responses to “Printing to a NON postscript Fuji Xerox printer”

  1. Luu

    having probs with my fuji printer, checked settings still probs, but used the print n share app in the end from my ipad

  2. Vũ Văn Tiến

    Thank you very very much, finally found this solution for my network printer 3005 and 4070 fuji xerox. I tested this method and it works fine for me.

  3. Found an update on a Fuji Xerox site.

    Date: 04/12/2013
    Version: 1.71.007

    Not every model has this listed as an option but it pretty much works as a universal Non-PS driver as far as I can tell.

    Google Search (limited to one year ago)

    Find “Non-PS” on any of those pages and try see if it is a later version.

  4. Gareth

    Thanks. Such a relief after hours of trouble shooting. Our docu-centre c2265 loves this and now works.
    It was a bit odd in my head searching for a driver that isn’t printer specific (ie. model name not in Driver name)

  5. Nhan

    This is really really helpful. Thanks a lot

  6. Taher

    I have the 1.05 version of the Non PS driver. it seems to have an issue with the latest version of Catalina. gives a filter Fault.

    I am trying the generic PCL driver now.

    1. I’m using FX Print Driver for Max OS X v1.5 with Catalina 10.15.6 and it’s working.

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