Automatically log in when your computer starts up

When you login OS X asks you for a password.  This is a great security  feature, especially if you have a laptop and you are taking it places.  If you have a computer at home or in your study and you are the only one that has physical access to your computer you may want to have OS X  automatically log you in.  Here is how to turn on the automatic login on OS X.

  1.  Go to System Preferences (In the Apple menu) and select users and groups.

    Select users and groups from system preferences.

  2.  Click on the little lock in the left-hand bottom corner and type in your password.
  3.  Click on “login options”  and  next to ” Automatic login:”  select the user who you would like to automatically login.   I have three users and my main one is me “Wayne Connor.”
Select the user who you want to automatically login.


That’s it!

Now next time you restart your machine it will automatically log in and take you to the desktop without you having to type in your password.


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