How to safely rip a DVD onto your computer in OSX

Last week my daughter was given a Spider-Man DVD for her birthday from her younger sister. We went to play it from our laptop and watch it on the Apple TV but because of the Disney copy protection it would not work! So we went out to my study and tried to watch it on my 2018 Mac mini with an external DVD player, but the video kept crashing the computer. This has some heavy duty software protection on it!

In the end I had to buy some software to copy the DVD onto our computer before we could watch it. I was a bit nervous because some of the DVD ripping sites looked undesirable. But in the end I found a good site and the software worked well. Sadly we were unable to watch the video that night on my daughter’s birthday, but we were able to watch it the next night!

Mac X DVD ripper pro

Here’s the software I went with. It’s called “Mac X DVD Ripper pro”.

It’s super easy to use. Just put your copy protected commercial DVD into your DVD player, select a destination folder down the bottom, press run, and a beautiful video file appears on your computer that you can actually play! The movie file was high-quality and it played to my Apple TV from my laptop but we can also watch it straight on the computer screen. It streams to Apple TV without a problem.

A bit more of a story.

To begin with I went and looked at some software called mactheripper but it seemed pretty dodgy. In order to download it you have to sign up to some site and make certain donations and it feels like you’re doing something illegal.

I looked around at a few sites more and the most reputable looking DVD ripping software I found was from Digiarty at

You can download a trial version to make sure it works but it only downloads the first couple of minutes of the movie. To tell you the truth I was little bit nervous about downloading software that ‘rips’ DVDs but I was happy to see that it worked. So I decided to buy it.

The software initially was US$59 which is $91 Australian Dollars. At this point I almost thought of purchasing the movie from the Apple Store, but then my principles kept me going. My daughter had already paid full price for this movie. Why should I buy again from Apple just because it’s their computer that I’m having trouble with!

I did a search online for a couplon and I was able to get the software for $21 US which works out to be $32.84 Australian.

The bottom line is we were able to watch the video that we paid for, Mac X DVD Ripper pro worked well, and today we just bought a Frozen II DVD from JB hi-fi and looking forward to being able to watch it as well.

I’ve just signed up to become a affiliate to see if I can get a discount code. I’ll let you know what they say!


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