How to plug an iPhone into a sound desk

I just got caught out for the first time by the missing headphone jack in the new iPhone. I was with some friends and we wanted to listen to a song from one of their iPhones. I went to plug it onto our PA system… no headphone jack in the phone!  But it won’t happen again!  Here’s my recommendation. If you are a club, a church, a school, a recording studio, anyone who has a sound system, grab yourself one of these Apple lightning to headphone jack dongles from the Apple store and leave it near your mixing desk.

They only cost $12 (including free delivery) and they allow you to plug an iPhone into your sound desk.

If you grab an adapter for each audio cable you own, you won’t need to worry about carrying the adapter with you.


If you need a cable, I suggest you grab a cable like this from Amazon or your local audio store. If you want to order one from eBay, ANKER is a great brand.

The 3.5mm headphone connector on the left will plug into the Apple lightning dongle,  and the two ‘RCA’  connectors on the right should plug straight into your sound desk or your stereo. Most stereos have RCA inputs. See this article for more information.

If your sound desk doesn’t have RCA inputs, then grab two of these:

They are mono RCA to 6.5mm adapters and they will plug into almost any mixing desk.


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