Is the iPhone wedding dress in the mirror Instagram photo real or not?

If you have not come across this story yet, firstly check out this photo and see if you can spot the problem. It’s a bit of fun.

(Used with permission from here.)

Once you’ve spotted the ‘glitch’ read on – spoiler alert.

The Photo

Look at her arms. In one mirror they are forward and in another they are down. This is very simple to achieve using a panoramic shot where you move between frames. We’ve all done this!

But Tessa tells a great story of being surprised by it. Even scared by it. She claims to go to an Apple store to find a Genius to explain. The store is full of Appel employees and no one has an answer for this apparent AI bug in the iPhone. You can listen to her story here. It’s funny and very well told!

Here’s where it actually gets funny. Her story gets picked up and reported all over the internet as fact. The “iPhone AI” has stitched 2 photos together to cause a ‘glitch.’

The response

The New York Post, the UK Mirror and have all reported it as fact. All these ‘journalists’ and not one of them took the time to contact Apple for verification. Even Apple Insider reported it wrongly. My favourite was PetaPixel with their technical explanation of how computational photography works and could have caused the ‘glitch.’

Well done Tessa Coates, you’ve taken everyone for a ride!

Tessa Coates is a comedian. This is a prank. Let me explain why.

The reality

Firstly, if this was some burst photo AI glitch, there’s no way she could have moved her hand that quickly mid-frame (as the so called Apple technician claimed.)

Secondly, check out her story:
 “They also said that Google Pixel – this is not a Google Pixel phone, this is an iPhone – have brought out this new technology where you take multiple photos and it chooses the best photo for you, and iPhone are Beta testing this technology.” (reported in

Ha ha. Apple are not beta-testing this ‘new technology’, they’ve had it for years.

Thirdly take a look at this:

“an Apple employee, named Roger, admitted he’s never seen anything like it. He explained how ‘phones are computers not cameras’, and take a burst of images from left to right to capture one shot, even when Apple’s live photo setting is turned off.”

Ha ha! The so called ‘burst images’ are not done from left to right, that’s not how an iPhone camera works. The entire image is captured at once, all be it multiple times.

But it’s a great story.

On a similar theme. has everyone seen my mouse pizza video?

UPDATE (Dec 2) : Apple Insider

Apple Insider have edited their article: (“Update December 2, 11:05 Updated with details about the photo being shot in Panoramic mode, which is why the bride-to-be had time to change position between the shots found in the mirror.”)

UPDATE (Dec 4) iPhonedo

Here iPhonedo creates a replicated version of the prank using panoramic mode:


2 responses to “Is the iPhone wedding dress in the mirror Instagram photo real or not?”

  1. Wayne Connor

    Even apple insider reported it wrongly, but then updated it later to describe it as a panoramic photo which is the way she would have done it!

  2. Explanation from iPhonedo confirming what I say above – it’s just a simple Panoramic photo, and she moves bwtween shots.

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