Can you use Galaxy Buds2 on an iPhone?

I am not sure if I am unusually gullible, naive, or just optimistic, but after listening to a great review of the Galaxy Buds2 by Crinacle I ordered a pair of Galaxy Buds2 for my iPhone from the Samsung online store. (I even checked there was a Samsung Buds app on the Apple App store before I ordered them – and there was.)

They arrived yesterday. :)

They don’t work properly with an iPhone. The Samsung App does not recognise them. :(

How ironic. The Apple iPhone recognises the Galaxy Buds2, but the Samsung App does not. I contacted Samsung support and they told me to buy a Galaxy phone. ha ha.

One set of Galaxy Buds2 going cheap on ebay!

The Galaxy Buds2 sync to the Apple iPhone, the audio works, but the Samsung Galaxy Buds app is so outdated it only recognises the Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Buds+. It will not register the Buds2.
This means none of the features like noise canceling or EQ work on an iPhone.

To be clear: Samsung Galaxy Buds2 are not compatible with an iPhone.

I contacted Samsung support about this, they said I could return them if the seal was still intact.

Unfortunately I had already unboxed them to try them. This was my reply, and theirs:

The conclusion of our discussion was no refund:

They did offer me a free voucher to buy a Samsung phone, would anyone like it?

Update: I didn’t get given the voucher. I needed to specify which Samsung product I was going to purchase. ha ha. They are so optimistic. They refuse a return and think they are winning over a new customer. :-)


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