How to add a counter to your iWeb site

Here’s how to add a counter to you iWeb page…

1. create your page using iWeb.
2. you’ll need to know the address of your page once you’ve published it.
3. go to a web page that offers free counters… eg.
4. enter your details on this page including the final address of the published page
5. this page will provide you with some html code. copy this code.
6. return to your iweb page.
7. click on Web Widgets & choose HTML Snippet
8. Inside the text box created paste the HTML code from the free counter page. Click Apply
9. You can drag the snippet anywhere on your page.
10. Done!


12 responses to “How to add a counter to your iWeb site”

  1. Carlos

    Thank you so much but it does not seem to work! Please advise!

  2. Aahn

    Thank you very much…. easy and simple explain.

  3. Misty

    I can’t see it on my web page. Do I have to republish my iWeb site to get it on there?

  4. Rick

    Thanks for the counter, but when I go to the site, it still shows as 1, it does not count.

  5. jessica

    very good idea! i’m not sure how many people know this, but you could also just go to iweb and click

    insert > button > hit counter


    1. Dave

      I know that but when i try to do it and publish my site, it is not on the site. I have seen many forums about this problum.

    2. Sam

      Built in counter only works when published to MobileMe, same with blog and photo comments.

      1. Joe

        Thank you Sam, I’ve been hunting for 2 hours trying to find out why the counter didn’t show up.

  6. Thanks it works great

  7. Steve

    this works great. If you use the hit counter provided by iWeb…. the insert>button>hit counter…. you only get their big clunky counter. This one from ezeeinternet (link provided in the original how-to), then you can choose from many different sizes, fonts, colors, appearances. And the one in iWeb counts every time you visit your own site (for example, when you update it and want to visit it, or when you want to visit it to see how many visitors have been counted!) — the other counter only counts unique visitors. So much better.

  8. Also u can use seperate counter for each site to get more information about your subpages

  9. David

    thanks, very simple to install, and works fine.


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