G4 logic board fault – model numbers of affected iBooks

This is the results of a survey I conducted over a year to see what different models of the G4 ibook are affected by the logicboard fault.

The symptoms of the fault are as follows:

  • After being on for a few minutes, your ibook gets a blank black screen, the fan turns on, and the computer freezes.
  • You can’t do anything at all except power down the computer by holding the power button.
  • You restart and it doesn’t boot up.
  • You squeeze the bottom of the computer tightly together just to the left of the trackpad, and it boots up.
  • It tends to boot up when it is cold, but then stops working when it warms up.

Here are the results of a survey I conducted here on macintoshhowto.com over a period of 6 months regarding the affected models. It appears all models are affected.

In this article I described the fix for this G4 logic board fault. This survey was to test what models were impacted.




3 responses to “G4 logic board fault – model numbers of affected iBooks”

  1. […] WRONG.  It appears even models with the new motherboards are affected.  I have started a survey here of the affected […]

  2. jacky

    Our G4 14″ model appears to be 4H5422G9SE9 —that is off the service sheet. There are other numbers on battery etc but don’t know where to find model number that resembles those listed above. After light domestic use, it has been deemed unrepairable: logic board failure. Told 0 about the history attached to this malaise. Found out from web about it. On the phone to Aust. for nearly an hr. Loud music, shifts to 3 people with final declaration great apologies but no exception to be made: No help. 1) It is staggering to find there is no Apple command in NZ 2) that logic b failure is endemic to certain ibooks, one of which we presumably had the misfortune to buy. And why consumer guarantees means 0 to Apple? And what to do next as loathe to dish this much valued laptop…

  3. My model was impacted by this as well. I’m so glad to find out that I wasn’t the only one suffering from this (and that it wasn’t my fault, like my brother told me)!

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