A note to Dragon Users about High Sierra.

According to Nuance Dragon 6.0.8 is compatible with High Sierra.  But in High Sierra the ‘scratch that’ command doesn’t work. The correction window doesn’t work either. These are pretty crucial to an everyday user of Dragon. So unless you absolutely need to be running High Sierra, I’d suggest you stick with Sierra and run Dragon 6.0.7 until those issues are resolved.

According to Nuance Dragon version 6.0.8 is compatible with High Sierra 10.13. Unfortunately High Sierra (10.13)  still has some unresolved issues with Dragon so  I suggest you stay with Dragon 6.0.7 and OS X 10.12


UPDATE 2/2/2018: See this post for a fix to this bug.


11 responses to “A note to Dragon Users about High Sierra.”

  1. Kevin

    Thanks for the heads up. Dragon is finally working reliably.
    I hate that applying their updates always carries a significant risk of the program becoming unusable for the next few months.

  2. Vince

    It works with Text Edit, but “scratch that” doesn’t work with Macintosh Mail program.

  3. Nic

    6.0.8 and High Sierra compatibility is a partial fix at best. Correction is lost, Cursor jumps all over the place in Word. Virtually every sentence requires use of the “cache document” phrase.

    I can only hope 6.0.9 fixes what are to me, and possibly other users, significant bugs.

    So far version 6 as an entirety has been one frustrating experience after another.

  4. Joey

    I wish that I had read this before I had upgraded to High Sierra. Dictating in Apple Mail only works if you do not make any mistakes. The “scratch that” command and selecting alternate choices in the Correction Window does not work at all. And, I find that when I switch microphone profiles, Dragon crashes all too easily. I am using MacOS 10.13.2 and Dragon Dictate 6.0.8. Ugh!

  5. Paul

    It’s a technology that we all WANT to work, but they just can’t get it to scale effectively. v6 wouldn’t even launch. 6.0.8 “works,” except for key commands like “scratch that.” Dragon is like that overly needy, high maintenance (and expensive!) friend you can’t quit (until a more user-friendly option comes along). As soon as Mac Dictation improves enough, Dragon will be in the rear view mirror.

  6. Phil

    I’m running both Mac and Windows versions of Dragon. I made the mistake of updating to High Sierra and now the whole experience in the Mac version is entirely buggy, well beyond the occasional crashes and arbitrarily generated nonsense that would sometimes happen with Sierra (I’m using 6.0.8). It works okay for a while in MS Word. Barely at all in MS Outlook. The command range has shrunken to almost zero. The Windows version (I’m using professional 15) works perfectly. Why can’t Dragon make their product work across both platforms equally well? I’m highly dependent on the Mac and hope that Dragon can bring its game up to par on that platform.

  7. ian

    Read that High Sierra was compatible, purchased Professional Individual for Mac (supposedly the latest version) and can’t even get it to launch without crashing.
    Tried to seek an update but get the message “An error occurred in retrieving update information. Please try again later.”

    VERY disappointed.

  8. Bob

    Dragon, PLEASE make your product compatible with High Sierra! I have physical challenges which make dictation a necessity, not a convenience, and the sudden inability to use most of the features in Dragon has thrown a monkey wrench into my life. I can’t believe there is not a patch yet! UGH!!!

  9. Studio B Architects

    I agree with all the comments. I have been using each Mac Dictation apps since ViaVoice, about 20yrs. This Dictate Pro 6.0.8 is the worst ever. I logged the issue with Nuance around 8 months ago about the time of the upgrade to High Sierra. Still no resolution. Dragon should have been working on it when High Sierra was released in Beta at WWDC in June 2017. Poor show from Dragon. Not a reliable vendor.

  10. Robert F. George

    I have never really liked Nuance as a company and filed as part of the class action lawsuit a year or so ago. I wish there was an alternative to using Dragon because of the lack of support for Mac. I called because none of my corrections were being saved (especially with numbers) and was told that if they troubleshoot, they charge a fee. However, the tech guy did not want to charge me because he knew it would not work anyway. We’re still the redheaded stepchild (no offense to red-haired folks intended) and for what we pay for the software, I consider it an insult.

  11. Absolutely!… Let me tell you as an experience Dragon for Windows user and an experienced Dragon Dragon for Mac user, Dragon for Windows is far superior! I love my MacBook Pro as a whole. It’s a great system great machine, as expensive as Macs are Nuance and Apple should be able to work together in releasing a new version of Dragon. When High Sierra, I upgraded not knowing that the upgrade was not compatible with Dragon 6. Sure, Nuance, will tell you that they are, however, as a hands-free user due to disability, they are not compatible. Perhaps they are for the novelty user, but not for someone who needs the two programs to actually interface well. I ended up having to literally beg Apple to help me downgrade so that I could use my computer successfully… I’m disappointed in Nuance as a whole, which makes you feel bad at a user of Dragon products for 20 years. I feel your pain guys and dolls… EXTREMELY LET DOWN!

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