Dragon 6.01 released

Nuance just released an update to Dragon for Mac yesterday. What’s more, I received a personal phone call from Jeff Lieman,  the manager of Engineering at Nuance,  encouraging me to try out and review the new version.  He was very generous with his time and chatted with me about some of the new features of Dragon 6 and how Dragon are working with various companies to bring even better integration to Dragon. He was very concerned about the bugs that are in Dragon 6 and pretty keen to get them sorted ASAP.  It sounds like the number of problems in the latest release caught them by surprise. He sounded concerned. But the proof will be in how well Nuance can get the bugs fixed and give us a stable working version.

I’ve installed 6.01.  It’s crashed twice which is disappointing but better than it was last week.  I’ll be giving it a good test drive over the next week  â€“ stay tuned for an update.


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  1. Wayne, I’m staying tuned in, thanks, Jim

  2. Malcolm

    Hi Wayne,

    Thanks for the news. How’s 6.01 going?


  3. To tell you the truth, I’m feeling a little paralysed in terms of what to say. I’ve been using 6.01 for a couple of weeks and on the one hand it’s the best version of Dragon I have used in terms of its accuracy, integration, and functionality. But it’s still not quite there in terms of stability. It is such a shame that they released it before all the bugs were ironed out because it is a beautiful piece of software. I’m really looking forward to 6.02 and I hope I can give it a great recommendation.

  4. Karen

    Hi Wayne – I’m following your posts as well.
    By stability do you mean the crashing or something else as well? and are you using it on a desktop or laptop?

  5. JimBo

    I’m getting a lot of crashes especially after having to go back and manually edit, or if I’m jumping around with the cursor too much. I wish there was a way to know how to make this not happen. I cannot *not* do those things for business. It crashes with every single document I open and have to restart it at least once per document.

    1. What program are you dictating into?

  6. Miles Gerety

    Not only is Dragon 6.0.1 constantly crashing, it freezes so it can’t be quit and starts eating documents. It is so bad I’m going back to the prior version.

  7. Roger Lee

    Thank you very much for this honest review.
    I have no doubt that this company is seriously trying to develop the best SR software on the market but what is rather scary is that there is no trial version and the software costs 300$, meaning that we must first pay upfront a rather high price and pray that all will go fine.
    But after reading quite a few reviews talking about Dragon keeping on crashing, may I ask if anyone has now (in February 2017) seen any improvement in terms of stability?
    Thank you very much for your kind feedback!

    1. Rob

      I have been using it since it first came out, and have upgraded to the most recent version 6.0.5. It has gotten to the point where I just stopped using it. It has been the best as far as speech recognition, but it is so buggy that is basically impossible to use.

  8. Tom Mainliner

    As expected. So much of this genre of software is 100% fake news. I’ve spent big bucks and wasted countless time over the years on this toxic shit. Total fraud. Good review. Credible.

  9. Thomas Witzig

    I am a longtime user. Get every version (hobby). The version for Mac 6.0.6 is the best yet. My only complaint at present is that it takes forever to train a word. Merely entering a new word in the dictionary is ok and quick; but if you train it the “spinning ball” will drive you crazy and eventually I check Activity Monitor and its “not responding”. So I quit and restart and interestingly it actually “trained it”. Anxious to hear if others have a workaround.

  10. Manu

    I bought v5 last year and I found it unusable. It reminded me of Windows95: you could feel it was built on old code, old habits, old thinking, and then just patches all over it.

    It seems to me that Nuance would need to rewrite their code from scratch. But probably, it’s an old dinosaur company with great difficulties to renew itself. Maybe a young challenger will come soon, I hope.

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