Broken iPhone button

This post is just me being a bit sad. I have an iPhone 12 mini. It’s under 3 years old. The power button just stopped working. This means you can’t verify any Apple Pay Purchases when you are shopping and you can’t even verify any App Store downloads.

Via the Apple store I could apply to have the button on my phone fixed.

Here is the quote:

No, unfortunately, I’m not joking. $588 to replace one power button.

Also, I reckon I’m a pretty good Apple customer, look at this, our family owns 20 Apple devices!

There used to be a time when dealing with Apple made you feel good. I’ve had numerous ‘out of warranty’ devices repaired for free over the years simply because Apple valued their customers and their brand.

Not so anymore. It’s a shame.

Anyway, back to the faulty button problem, it seems this is a common problem, and the only way to repair it is a complete phone teardown.


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