Nov 15

Various ways to get people signed up to jobs in Fluro, and how not to call them rosters!

This Episode covers rosters, capabilities, teams, and rostering via the Pulse app.

The ‘needs based’ sign-up that Cade talks about at the end of this podcast has already been implemented! So you can do an email out and Fluro has an ‘RSVP’ style capability where you can see who says yes or no without that person needing to sign in to Fluro or Pulse.

Nov 08

Taking attendance in Fluro

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Nov 05

In this interview we think about Definitions – how to adjust Fluro to suit your Church.

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Oct 03

In this interview we think about Realms – where you put data in Fluro in order to control who can access it.

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Sep 25

In this interview Cade shares some of the different ways that a user can interact with Fluro, from the simple to the complex.

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Sep 23

In Episode 1 of our Fluro Podcast we think about the flexibility of Fluro as a Church Management App.

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