Jun 12

My 10 year old DocuCentre-V stopped working when I upgraded to the new silicon M1 MacBook Pro. It was giving a ‘Failed’ error in the printer message window.

To resolve this I needed to download the Fuji Xerox Print Driver for Mac OS X Installer and re-install the drivers again. (I used migration assistant to bring everything across including the drivers, but they did not work.)

Here’s the link:


I found the driver by searching for DocuCentre-V C7775.

Here’s the file that worked:

Here are the instructions on how to install it. (Same as with previous OS):

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Jun 07

Google Keep is Google’s equivalent of Apple Notes, but a bit better. It’s a place to keep snippets and other stuff. Now that our family has moved to Android phones we need a simple way that we can synchronise notes across Android and Apple devices. Google Keep seems to be the best solution. There is a Google Keep app for Android and a Google Keep app for iOS. The last piece of the puzzle is getting Google Keep on your Apple desktop computer. Here’s how.

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May 06

It’s very easy to merge 2 pdf documents or move single pdf pages from 1 pdf document into another with Big Sur. It’s built into the free Apple PDF reader called ‘Preview’. There are some small bugs in the interface, but it works. Here’s how to merge pdf documents in macOS Big Sur.

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Apr 29

I wanted to order a cable to connect my old KORG Midi controller to my new MacBook Pro. One end needed to be USB-C, and the other end needed to be an older USB connector that I wasn’t sure of the name of.

Here’s a great chart from RS-components in Australia that names all the USB connectors to help you easily find the one you need.

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Mar 25

I use a spark as my OS X email client but my mail is hosted by Google. After about seven years I found that I reached Google’s free 15 GB email limit and I could not receive any more emails. I could have started all over again with a new Gmail account but I wanted to keep my existing Gmail address. I could have deleted some old emails but I wanted to keep a record of them all. What I did is I created a new gmail account to keep a record of my old emails before I deleted them. I copied all my emails to this account. Then I could delete all my emails and get some more room on my everyday Gmail account. Here’s how to do that.

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Mar 02

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to Dynamo.

Dynamo allows you to play videos faster, slow them down, and skip ads. Ever been bored by the slow pace of training videos? Speed them up! Annoyed by the ads when watching on demand TV or Amazon Prime? Skip them!

You’re welcome!

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Feb 25

During COVID our church ran a livestream online and the best way to speak straight to the camera was to use a teleprompter. Setting up the iPad and camera was the easy part. There were a few tricks to get it to display how we wanted. Here’s how we did it.

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Feb 18

This is a very simple setup to get 2 microphones into an iPhone.

These rode mics are exceptional quality.

If you live in Australia they are $100 off this week here:


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