How to add a software ‘home button’ to your iPhone or iPad screen

The home button is the button on the bottom of your iPhone that takes you back to the home screen. It requires a hard press to make it ‘click’. You can turn on a ‘soft’ equivalent button that appears on your screen. I can think of 3 reasons that you might want a ‘soft’ home […]

What’s the best SSD drive for a Mac and how do I install it?

In 2015 I wrote this post about installing an SSD drive.  Back then SSD drives were expensive and the whole process I described was a bit complicated. Now SSD drives have dropped dramatically in price and you can just replace your existing drive with an SSD one.  I can’t think of any reason why you […]

Seagate Expansion and Backup Plus pull apart – what’s the difference?

  Seagate make two external USB drives.  The Seagate Backup Plus and the Seagate Expansion.  They are both USB 3 compatible.  They both come with a three-year warranty in Australia, although in the USA the expansion only has a 1 year warranty.  The Backup Plus model costs $20 more.  A lot of reviewers say that […]

How to stop flickering on an Apple LED Cinema Display

The Apple  24 inch LED Cinema display  and the Apple thunderbolt display have been a  source of frustration for many people.   They flickers, go black, the screens gets garbage on them, the fans turn on and off.   After reading lots of forums and trying various things I have practically completely eliminated all the flickering on […]

How to turn on expert mode in Display Settings in El Capitan

One of the features I use regularly in the display settings of OS X is the adjustment of the gamma setting of my monitor.  This is useful because it can lighten up dark movies when you are watching them on your Mac.  The gamma setting is only available in the “expert” mode of display settings […]