Feb 19

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Here’s how to bulk delete emails from your Gmail account to speed up the Apple mail app. Continue reading ⟩

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Feb 19

count all mail

I’ve had gmail account for over 5 years and as the number of emails stored at google mail has increased Apple mail has slowed down.  Recently it got to the point where Apple mail almost came to a grinding halt.  When I checked my mail sometimes it would take up to 5 minutes to finish checking the mail.  Well I have just deleted 70,000 emails from my ‘All Mail’ folder and now Apple mail is back to the lightning speed I was used to – it takes about 5 seconds to check my emails.

Here’s how to check how many email messages you have in your gmail account.

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Apr 15


If you’ve ever tried to email a very large  file you may have noticed there’s a limit of about 10MB on email attachments. Here’s a super easy way to send a large file to someone else using OSX Mountain Lion or later.

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Feb 11


So it turns out there can be a glitch with Mavericks and Gmail. When I installed Mavericks on my Macbook Pro,  all my messages piled up into my outbox, but weren’t sent. It turned out that Mail wasn’t picking up my password properly from the System Preferences. Here’s how I got it going. Continue reading ⟩

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Feb 09


Here’s how to share a pages document with a PC user. Continue reading ⟩

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Aug 19



This article has been updated here: How to sync your Apple address book with Google contacts

The method below is obsolete but I have left it here for reference in case you are running an older version of OS X.

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Mar 01


Despite their differences, Apple and Google do work well together when it comes to email.  Gmail is free and it has great spam protection. But the Gmail web interface is a bit clunky. Apple mail is very nice to use and you can set it to use a Gmail account. Here’s how to use Gmail from Apple’s mail app and also how to set up Gmail on your iPhone or iPad.

There is a newer article about this topic here (2018) but I have kept this older article (2013)  for those who have an older version of OS X or an older version of Apple Mail.

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Oct 25

Normally an email is just text.  You can add attachments to an email, and you can insert pictures, but how would you send an email that has pictures, a background, and text mixed and laid out nicely like this:

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