How to play iTunes songs on a digital TV (from a USB drive).

We were on holidays in a unit and there was a TV where we were staying. I didn’t have any cables but thought it would be nice to play some music from my Macbook air through the TV. The TV had a USB port. Here’s how I got my iTunes songs onto a USB drive and then onto the […]

Dragon dictate now works with OS X Yosemite 10.10

The first three weeks of Yosemite has been painful because Dragon Dictate has not been working properly.   It would not read  my old profiles and would not let me train a new one without crashing. I rely fairly heavily on Dragon Dictate to do most of my  writing/typing  so this was a bit of […]

Dragon Dictate version 4, is it worth the upgrade?

I have written a review of Dragon Dictate version 4 here.  For those of you who already have Dragon Dictate version 3,  the big question is ‘Should I pay for the upgrade?’ I don’t think it’s worth the upgrade and here’s why. STOP PRESS: Time to upgrade! Version 5 was released today (15 months later). Read more […]