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Do you have a problem on your macintosh that you’d like help with, or a suggestion for a ‘how to’ article? Submit it here as a comment and I’ll do my best to answer it ASAP.

Do you have a problem on your macintosh that you’d like help with, or a suggestion for a ‘how to’ article? Submit it here as a comment and I’ll do my best to answer it ASAP.



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I want to put an audiobook onto CD for normal CD players. However the size is too large for one CD. Is there a way that the quality can be reduced (mono?) so it is smaller, but still playable in a normal CD?

No, unfortunately normal Audio CDs must be 44.1Khz, stereo, this is called ‘RED BOOK’ and is the standard for audio CDs that CD players use. It gives 74 minutes on a CD, this can be pushed to it’s limit to 80 minutes and still work on most CD players. You can now buy 90 or 99 minute CD’s but these break the standard, and probably won’t work on most players or burners.

So if you want more the only option is to go MP3 files which won’t play on older CD-players.

I have a lot of .mov files of sermons and would like to burn them to dvd for people to watch. Each file is about 1 hour of movie footage but compressed to only 200-300MB. When I import them into iMovie it tries to convert them to dv files, and is not able to because the resulting files would be more than 2 GB. I also tried my dvd compression/burning software, but it only works with VIDEO_TS files.
Do you know a way to burn a collection of .mov files to a dvd so that they can be read with a normal dvd player?

I just wanted to add that many of the files are .mp4 rather than .mov

Is there a limit to the length of video that can be stored on a DVD, like for CDs? Or is it possible to make longer DVDs by using compression software?

Best way to burn sermons is to burn them as normal DVD for best compatibility.
Or just burn them to CD as VCD which will work on most DVD players but lower quality.

Yes there is a limit to DVD’s just like CD’s.

But just like you can make a data CD, so to you can make a data DVD.

If you burn them compressed onto a data DVD, DVD players cant’ read them, only computers can, but you’ll fit a lot on.

Hi. I’ve had problems importing all data from other iTunes librarys. I can’t get it to import text in the comment box. Is there a way to do that.
The reason is I have several musiclibrarys that I’ve made comments in and now I would like to merge them. Best jonas

Just wondering if the LAME encoder can be used to import / purchase songs from the iTunes store?

No it can’t because what LAME does is it compresses the files from the CD into MP3 format, and it does it very well. The itunes songs are already compressed. Once a song is compressed, the quality is reduced and you can’t undo what is lost. If you run an already compressed song through LAME it will actually make it worse quality, even if you choose better quality.

Can I systemically move all files to a hard drive other than Mac HD and leave only the Applications? I’d like to keep all my data files on a separate drive…

It’s called batteries.

I have a cable free computer here- it’s a casio fx 115 solar powered. It can add up and divide and so-on.

Otherwise, maybe you could do it with a electromagnetic field like the rechargable toothbrushes use, but the downside is you might fry yourself if you go near it.

Hey, what happened to my request to run my computers without any cables? And what’s the latest thinking on perpetual motion to run my car?? This website is a fascist domain where the ayotollah of tech know how – holds out on the goodies. Come on, let us know.



I love the template but can you tell me how to disable comments on my PAGES only?

I’m using it as part of a project that has to be completed by March 16, 2011. Your help before then would be lovely!


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